Death Became Light

by Small Steps

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released September 19, 2014

Recorded & Mastered by Niko Zaglaras @ The Keep
Saxaphone on track 3 by Ryan Bach
Artwork by Todd Kunkler


tags: punk Athens


all rights reserved


Small Steps Athens, Ohio

Small Steps is...
Donald Jr.

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Track Name: The Task
What are we meant to do with ourselves?
Fill our souls with a task thats meant to last
for our time in this world, thats meant to last for our time in this world.
will i go to sky above? will i go to the ground below? will i burn in a fire? will i live again?
Track Name: Sinking Upon The Ship
I don't think that we were put here for anything.
I guess we'll kill the time until we die.
Constantly searching for some sort of fallacy.
Without my eyes it will be the death of me.
You sailed that ship straight to hell.
I found myself sinking upon that ship.
Don't bother saving me when you can't save yourself.
Track Name: Reach To The Sky
No fossils no none of that.
Try to reach something real.
I doubt you'll find it.
When there is no other rational opinion left.
Reach to the sky, talk to yourself.
Track Name: Trapped For Eternity
I exist but they don't know that i'm real.
I've been stuck in this house for nearly a century
I want to get out but i'm trapped for eternity.
I wish i could die.
Track Name: Faded Into Blankness
Words floated in division like subtitles on a screen.
As i sat there trying to decipher the words.
The screen faded into gray blankness.
With squinted eyes my vision was blurred, i couldn't see what was barreling towards me.
I floated from one wave to the next waiting for the sea to carry me in, but the wind still pushed me back to sea. Becoming comfortable with the thought of the sea swallowing me.
Squinted eyes, vision blurred, faded into blankness
Track Name: Live & Let Die
Crack me open wide and let me feel the universe inside.
I felt gravity alive
Is this what it means to live and let die?
The questions repeat the answers inside.
Track Name: Missing Reflection
I left this world, the atmosphere looked down upon me.
And God adverted his gaze, and he judged me.
If i could return to earth, then i'd be happy.
The soul screamed out, "I'm sorry for the things i have done".
An angel held a mirror, the reflection it was missing.
A realization of what you became.
Track Name: The Stranger
Don't close the door.
Is this place safe?
It feels alive.
We were welcomed by, the stranger.
A beam of light peaked out.
It grew larger; proceeded closer, engulfed by the glare, a vision was clear, we need to remember, foundations to build on.
Track Name: Serving a Purpose
Each have their own walls and practices to live by.
One dose not negate the other, they all serve a purpose.
Importance on self-awareness, but contribute to the whole.
You are your own.
The walls melt into each other.
Together and from only yourself, departed.
Many will merge into one.
Track Name: Devices Forward
Spoken words, by moving tongues.
Written words, the pages turn.
Insight, awareness established.
Devices forward to construction.
Comprehension of the divergent.
Ethos bleed, sweat onto the foreign
practice made quintessential
Recall respiration.
Room for flaw.
There is capability for the progress of movement.