by Small Steps

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Winter Dates -

12˙26˙13 - Pittsburg, PA • Mr. Roboto Project
12˙27˙13 - Warwick, NY • Tuscan Cafe
12˙28˙13 - Butler, NJ • Peter's Basement
12˙29˙13 - Philadelphia, PA • Kat-Kat Fest
12˙30˙13 - Richmond, VA • Strange Matter
12˙31˙13 - Norfolk, VA • That's How I Beat Shaq
01˙01˙14 - Chapel Hill. NC • Chapel HIll Underground
01˙02˙14 - Dalton, GA • Law Dawg
01˙03˙14 - Nashville, TN • The Owl Farm
01˙04˙14 - Newport, KY • Thompson House
01˙05˙14 - Detroit, MI • Paychec's Lounge


released April 6, 2013

Recorded & Mixed by Sam Stansfield
Mastering - Harold Bon
Art Work - Todd Kunkler



all rights reserved


Small Steps Athens, Ohio

Small Steps is...
Donald Jr.

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Track Name: Timely Sought
It's hard for you to feel complete. I know going separate ways cuts deep; people grow old, and the times they change, but when it comes to responsibility, from that path you cannot stray. It may seem hard to let go to something that you hold so close.
Track Name: On Elliott
This isn't a party, i'm telling you to come out and support something good. Who do you think you are? Craft beer allstar, coke fiend, can't you see what i mean. Don't come out to this place we call home.
Track Name: The Fall Of...
So what about fall makes people change after all? I dont know but i am getting confused, i dont know what i should do. So i'll drown myself in my thoughts. Forgetting to say hello how are you. She is delusional. I'd much rather home alone. I'd much rather be alone. Its not lonely to be alone.
Track Name: Why? I'll Meet You There.
Laughing sweet, and a milestone is a milestone. No matter how far you go you reach the fork in the road. When you meet those y's you must ask yourself which one is wise. Time flies by. I sure could use your help. A new foreseeable future. I could use your, help.
Track Name: On Fern
The warm winds rolled in, and the cops they passed the lot, and you said that you couldn't understand what i was saying but i wasn't saying anything at all. It's ok. As sheets of rain ripped across i saw you standing there hardly visible to me. As sheets of rain ripped across i saw you standing there.
Track Name: Self Is...
I trapped myself inside myself i locked myself inside myself. This isn't the first sure not the last. Sure not the last this isn't the first. Abstracting thoughts. Abstraction. Self conscious speaks the mind is so weak, not so sure of the words. At it again but what is hell? I've trapped myself inside myself.
Track Name: Ghostly Thought
In about a year or two you won't even know the names. Faces create emptiness. A distant memory in the back of your head. Does any of this matter? Searching for the after. Will memories me forgotten? Only time will tell. I don't want to lose the ties that keep us together. Am I a ghost?