Spider King [demos]

by Small Steps



released August 20, 2013


tags: punk Athens


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Small Steps Athens, Ohio

Small Steps is...
Donald Jr.

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Track Name: La la la Locust
What are we meant to do with ourselves?
fill our souls with a task thats meant to last for our time in this world
what do i do?
will i go to the ground below?
will i go to the sky above?
will i burn in a fire?
will i live again?
Track Name: Moltar! What Is It?
I don't think that we were put here for anything
i guess we will just kill the time until we die
constantly fighting for some sort of fallacy
without my eyes it will bring back the life in me
you sailed that ship straight to hell
i found myself sinking upon that ship
don't bother saving me when you can't save yourself.
Track Name: Standby Space Ghost
No fossils no none of that
try to reach something real
i hope we find it
when there is no other rational opinion left
speak to the sky talk to yourself
no fossils no none of that
talk to yourself
Track Name: Giant Insect Unicycle
i exist but they don't know I'm real
I've been stuck in this house for nearly a century
i want to get out but I'm trapped for eternity
i wish i could die.